Friday, 10 January 2014

Saturday review... Cocoa brown tan

I recently discovered a new Irish brand of self tan called Cocoa Brown. Created by the beautiful Marissa, it's Ireland's most successful selling brand of self tan. 

The lovely ladies on the Emerald Isle sent me some of their goodies to test out so I thought I'd write a review. 

Firstly, I love tha packaging. Even the jiffy envelope was hot pink, my favourite colour! I not only received the One Hour Tan but also the tanning mitt - every bronzed goddess' best friend. 

The can comes with brilliant directions (such as where to moisturise etc) which is  vital knowledge for those new to tanning and so often missed. I also checked out the website for additional hints & tips and stumbled across a lot of positive reviews from other bloggers, always a good sign! 

I chose Friday night for my tanning session and used my delicious Gok Wan shower scrub in my post-workout shower to make sure my skin was nice and exfoliated and ready to receive the glow. 

I stripped down to my knickers (I like to have a tan line for my first time trying a new product to check the reality of the colour), moisturised those pesky dry areas with Palmer's Cocoa Butter (fitting) and gt my Cocoa Brown gear ready to go. 

Armed with my mitt, I squirted a large dollop of mousse onto it and got to work. I know many people prefer lotions but I prefer mousses for tanning. I like the way they slide on and absorb quickly and this is also true of this product. 

I don't know what magic they put in these bottles but the tropically floral scent of the mousse is divine! Not the usual smell of biscuits with cucumbers, always a bonus. 

I'd have preferred if the mitt was a bit bigger as I have a tendency to get messy and end up with very dark wrists but that's my problem, not a fault with the product. 

The guide colour of the mousse makes it easy to see where you've already applied and helps prevent streaks. 

Once I was covered,
It was time to sit back & let the colour develop. The directions recommend different times for different depths of colour so I chose to wait 90 minutes on the hopes of having a medium brown glowing result. 

I have to say I'm impressed with the result. I've got a couple of white patches but that's because I was too hasty in m application as usual. 

I don't look like I've been living in the Caribbean but I do have a nice colour that's more suitable for winter! 

Here's my tan line on my hip!

Overall, I'd give this 4 out of 5 stars. Easy application, lovely packaging, a nice scent and a decent colour. 

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