Thursday, 9 January 2014

Random Thursdays... American Hustle Review

This is my first film review so be nice please!

Last night me and my buddy Emily went to see American Hustle. (I refuse to go to the cinema not on an Orange Wednesday; the prices are disgusting!)

Aside from having seen the movie posters, I knew almost nothing about the film. I've not seen any trailers for it and honestly just went because J-Law was in it and I majorly love her. (This is one of many glorious blogs full of epic Jen GIFs)

Going in to the cinema with pretty much no clue what it was about, I didn't really have an preconceptions of what American Hustle would / should be like. I'm so glad I had no idea. The film far exceeded any expectations I would have had and the comedy aspect was a complete surprise to me!

The 70s Technicolour style gives the film authenticity, despite it only being loosely based on some factual events. The costumes are brilliant, especially Amy Adams' character's... Boobs galore!

This is a fairly tame example of her fabulous outfits...

Jennifer Lawrence puts in yet another smashing performance as the mentally unstable wife but brings a fantastic comedic side to her performance that takes the bitter edge off a tense storyline.

Christian Bale is unrecognisable at the balding, middle aged, rotund con man while Bradley Cooper has the best curlers in town and provides a bucket of laughs with his strong role.

This film does take some concentration; the plot evolves and twists very quickly and there's some elements of jumping to different times.

Overall, this film is a winner. With relatable, believable characters, authentic wardrobes and camera filters, observational and eccentric humour and just enough of a hint of sex appeal, this is a film I'd recommend to pretty much any adult.

I give this 4 out of 5 stars!

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