Friday, 10 January 2014

Fashion Fridays... Catch up

So this is what I wore on Christmas day and to my work Christmas party. Though I wore heels to the party, not shiny trainers! Not even a little bit sorry for the silly face. I was absolutely loving life on Christmas morning!
I feel fun and relaxed in the dress and I am a little obsessed with burgundy things at the moment.
This week, all I can think about is owning a pair of crisp white Converse for some reason. I want an alternative to ankle boots etc and I really like how they look with a pair of jeans. Plus I think they can be worn from now right through till Summer and stay classic for a long time to come. My only doubt is that they will be wrecked within a week as I live in the country that loves sporadic rain. And maybe a little bit because I'm clumsy.
I have absolutely no plans for January aside from the gym so I don't really have a need to buy any new clothes which is quite boring. I'm planning on being quite hardcore with my diet and exercise this year so hopefully I'll lose tons of weight and have to buy an entire new wardrobe! Fat chance. Excuse the pun.
In the next few weeks, all the fashion shows and all the awards ceremonies will be happening so there'll be tons of beautiful things for me to admire and review but in the mean time, here is my list of things I own in my fantasy world.
This Cedar Street Medium Harmony bag from Kate Spade. (Which I can't copy a photo of apparently)
And Kate Middleton's Jenny Packham dress. Please.



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