Sunday, 3 November 2013

Geography Sundays - Bosnia

So Bosnia is next on my "list of places that I thought was somewhere else".

When I hear "Bosnia" it makes me think of listening to the news growing up, around the time that the Gulf War was winding down. If we were playing a word association game, if you said "Bosnia", I would likely say "Gaza Strip". Which is a pointer of where I thought Bosnia was.... in the Middle East. In my mind, I'd grouped Bosnia with Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Considering I've been to the Middle East twice in the last two years (twice to Bahrain, and once to Dubai), I was massively shocked to discover last week that Bosnia is, in fact, in Europe, nestled between Croatia, Serbia & Montenegro.

Despite having been the biggest fan of London 2012 and a repeat offender Eurovision lover, I failed to connect Bosnia with the place in Europe called Bosnia & Herzegovina, apparently.

Google maps has shown me that it's also just across the Adriatic Sea from Italy so I'm assuming the weather's quite nice. Though I always think that Serbia is cold as I get Serbia and Siberia mixed up often too.

Bosnia's capital city is Sarajevo, which I also thought was a desert in the Middle East. Again, apparently not. Bosnia is mostly landlocked, with just 20 kilometres of coastline.

I wonder if people in landlocked countries ever feel claustrophobic. I grew up by the sea and feel anxious if I go for too long without seeing it.

The three official languages of Bosnia are Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian. I didn't even know any of them were languages. I'm learning so much while writing this!

I'm afraid Bosnia has proved another place that is hard to find some fun facts about. So here is a fun picture of a recent Eurovision entry from them to entertain you...

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