Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Oh Carrie...

I recently decided (for no logical reason) to watch every single episode of Sex & The City, in chronological order. I'm not sure what prompted me to embark on this fabulous journey. Maybe my 'eternally single' status or a shift in some of my friendships recently? Who knows!
Whatever my inspiration was for this, I'm so glad it happened! I've just finished the first series and discovered I've never seen any of those episodes before, strangely. I'm not overly keen on Carrie narrating to the camera every few minutes but everything has its flaws in the beginning.
Having watched the later series' and the two films, it's so much fun to see how they started out, know where they end up, and watch them evolve during their journey.
Although I can't exactly apply the stories to my life (oh, how I long to live in New York!), it's amazing how relevant the storylines are! Even over a decade later, men are still behaving the same, women are still having the same issues, the world just goes round. The only things that have changed are the fashion and the technology!
Anyone who wants some escapism, some laughs, some emotions, some inspiration in fabulousness, some sex tips and to waste half an hour should definitely indulge in the shenanigans of these four beautiful ladies!

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