Friday, 18 October 2013

Autumnal Skin...

Although I have dark hair and features, I naturally have pale skin. Not beautiful, porcelain English rose skin. Not ‘interestingly pale’ skin. Not interesting at all. Dull, colourless skin over my entire body. Except on my face where it’s patchy and red and a bit grey and generally blah.
I just want a little more colour. Despite exfoliating and moisturising (and exercising and eating fairly well), my skin is still dull and disinteresting.

My wish for [slightly] tanned skin is not just vanity, I think I genuinely look healthier and it suits my hair etc more.
I confess, I’m slightly lazy and frugal. I have neither the time, energy, nor money to buy St Tropez (or similar products of equal quality) and apply it every other day. Nor do I really need that level of colour. I just need a little vitality in my skin.

So I chose Garnier summer body lotion. I went for the ‘deeper’ hue as the lighter ones tend to make me orange, whereas this one gives me a little brown, more natural colour.
Although it takes quite a while to dry - cue lots of wafting about my room - I love this product! It smells fabulous and doesn’t smell awful in the morning. It really does moisturise your skin! I apply with a tanning mitt, so as to avoid coloured palms. It doesn’t go patchy and doesn’t fade in patches after a few days.

I apply every other day (when I remember) and it’s giving me a great, consistent colour. I feel I look healthier and people have noticed too and a compliment is always a nice little boost to your day.
The only downside this product has it that it does not fare well against a swimming pool, jacuzzi or steam room but that’s quite understandable really.

It's often on offer in the shops (I last found a bargain in Wilkinson's!) and well worth it if you can remember to do it!

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